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Ecological Surveys

Please click on a survey below to find out more about the ecological and environmental survey services that we offer.

Marsh Environmental - Phase 1 Survey | Ecological Survey
Phase 1 Survey
Marsh Environmental - Protected Species Surveys | Ecological Survey
Protected Species Surveys
Marsh Environmental - Bird Surveys | Ecological Survey
Bird Surveys
Marsh Environmental - Seabirds & Marine Mammal Surveys | Ecological Survey
Seabirds & Marine Mammal Surveys
Marsh Environmental - Badger Surveys | Ecological Survey
Badger Surveys
Marsh Environmental - Bat Surveys | Ecological Survey
Bat Surveys
Marsh Environmental - Reptile Surveys | Ecological Survey
Reptile Surveys
Marsh Environmental - Great Crested Newt Surveys | Ecological Survey
Great Crested Newt Surveys
Marsh Environmental - Water Vole Surveys | Ecological Survey
Water Vole Surveys
Marsh Environmental - Ecological Mitigation | Ecological Survey
Ecological Mitigation
Marsh Environmental - Biodiversity Enhancement | Ecological Survey
Biodiversity Enhancement

Ecological Surveys, Case Studies and Projects

Marsh Environmental Ecological Consultants have been involved in a variety of projects providing businesses with ecological and environmental advice from the planning application stage through to post construction ecological and biodiversity enhancement, to long term monitoring. Below you will find a selection of case studies, please click on a project to find out more.

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Why Choose Marsh Environmental

Marsh Environmental has a pragmatic approach to all projects.

Sensible pricing.

Cost efficient ecological surveying. 

Fast delivery for your project.